My sister is getting married.

  Yes, my lovely girl is getting married.

She’s 25 years old, have the brighest smile ever. She loves fruit and hate being fat ( which is absolutely she ‘snot). She loves cleaning up anything and loves… doing math. She adores dried jack fruit and hates the smell of wet.  She hates being alone in the cold weather as well as being alone in the hot weather. She hates my clothes and stil, wearing my clothes at the same time. Sometime she’s seem like the best creature in the world to me.

Hey girl: Although we do not have the same mother, nothing can be changed that we’re sister. We’re sister since we’re always be together. You’re the one who care for  me since Dad left, love me the most. You’re my closet girl friend . And yes, we are sister, forever.

My bride is waiting for her groom to pick her up. (taken with digital Nikon D3000, unedited).

Now, I cancel all my plan to “take care” for the wedding lol. Not really, I just really want to help her. And actually, planning a wedding is some kind of fun. Will update a Vietnamese wedding  soon!



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