Food!!! and Drinks!!!!!

Well, recently, I have a habit, actually, a new interest  : taking photos of what I eat. ( with my dear Pentax K1000 and some film rolls).


Vegetables !!!

Fried tofu with tomato sauce!!

Vermicelli with snails soup!!!

Home made noodle!!!

Fried sticky rice cake!!!!!

And a super dessert: Sweet young rice gruel with coconut and red beans.

Some random stuff!

To be continue after a week in Halong Bay for school project!



  1. hey you, What’s in the SECOND Meal? ^^

  2. Hey IBUMR, thanks for reading my blog. I think it’s “Mixed vegetables with fried vegetarian shrimp, heart and kidney”.

  3. @storyteller1993: and the 3rd Meal ???????? 😛

  4. Ah,It’s fried tofu with tomato sauce. My favourite dish btw ;).

  5. yeahh, i’m waiting for some lunch ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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