Life in a boat.

   Life in a Boat with Mr Luoc. ( HaLong Bay/ VietNam)

I have one week travelling Quang Ninh for school project, the trip end up in Ha Long Bay, Cam Pha Port. One this day, I had 30-mins-wonderful-trip with Mr Luoc.

He’s about 30 years old, has 14 years  on boat. Luoc loves to smile whenever he talks about the “boat-life”. I just have a short talk with him but I think he’s such an interesting person. Luoc says he doesn’t want his wife and child to get on the boat, they live in a house on the land;  he said it’s bad luck to let woman get in a boat but I dont think that is the point. He just does not want them to have a hard life.

Well Mr Luoc, I don’t think it has anything to be shame about your job, even it’s a “manual labour” job like you said. The thing here is you are a good man, a good husband and a good father. I am adore you :). And yes, I will be back.

                                            Mr. Luoc’s boat : QN – 0411 – TS

His teams: A trip go fishing often takes 1-2 weeks


I will be back to finish the stories. One day, I will be back.


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