Old and new.


About 800 days ago, a 16 years old girl felt kind of confused when she first saw him.

That’s the day I first shot digital lol. Yes, I was so confused cause I used to shot with my film camera. But after years sticking to the awsome photomate Nikon D3000, I realized he’s not a complicated person. He’s a wonderful friend with all the patience for a digital-dummy (that’s me) , a boy has never left me, never broke my heart lol.

Well then on 17 March, 2012,I met a new guy: Nikon D700. He’s a beautiful person but Im not sure could I master him yet,.. he’s kind of complicated somehow.

Then this storyteller has 2 friends caring for her and help her taking notes the stories.

Wow, it is super. and now. just some pictures from my new digital camera.



  1. anonymous

    Finally, you have it. Hope you will have the best photos with him 😀

  2. Thank you. I’m just about getting to know him :).

  3. anonymous

    i don’t think that he’s complicated. he just like every nikon camera i’ve used but with more powerful 😀

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