Old and new.


About 800 days ago, a 16 years old girl felt kind of confused when she first saw him.

That’s the day I first shot digital lol. Yes, I was so confused cause I used to shot with my film camera. But after years sticking to the awsome photomate Nikon D3000, I realized he’s not a complicated person. He’s a wonderful friend with all the patience for a digital-dummy (that’s me) , a boy has never left me, never broke my heart lol.

Well then on 17 March, 2012,I met a new guy: Nikon D700. He’s a beautiful person but Im not sure could I master him yet,.. he’s kind of complicated somehow.

Then this storyteller has 2 friends caring for her and help her taking notes the stories.

Wow, it is super. and now. just some pictures from my new digital camera.

1 phản hồi

  1. anonymous

    Finally, you have it. Hope you will have the best photos with him :D

  2. Thank you. I’m just about getting to know him :).

  3. anonymous

    i don’t think that he’s complicated. he just like every nikon camera i’ve used but with more powerful :D

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